Agresszív Mosógép/Song Tempos

Hey Guys, so I'm taking control of setting the tempos for our songs. I've been relying on UPi to set tempos, but if I can't hear his bass well enough, or if I practice a different tempo for the songs then it becomes a problem.

So, I accept my duty as drummer to "keep the time". I'm going to do a four count with my sticks for the songs marked below(the ones not marked are not too difficult and we have no problems keeping the time). Here are the "official tempos" for our songs and how I determined them:

  • 54 - Szerelem, Szerelem (determined by mp3 on Apocalypse)
  • 82 - Zombie (Guitar Pro tab and listening to song), 4 count
  • 86 - Time Only Knows (determined from our video on YouTube), 4 count
  • 100 - Eltavozott nap (determined from our video on YouTube)
  • 105 - Az Utcan (determined from our video on YouTube)
  • 118 - Mennyorszag Tourist (determined from Tankcsapda video on YouTube), 4 count
  • 123 - Ahogy a halak (determined from mp3 on Apocalypse)
  • 124 - Just What I Needed (this is the correct tempo, but we play it much, much faster)
  • 128 - Soul Meets Body (I was wrong in practice, it's not 122, but 128, determined from mp3 and YouTube Video, still much slower than the tempo we were playing it at), 4 count
  • 135 - Love Me Two Times (determined by mp3 of song), 4 count
  • 147 - Afrika
  • 155 - All My Loving (The Guitar Pro tab I was using for this was 145, which is much slower than the actual song, determined by listening to mp3 of song), 4 count
  • House of the Rising Sun - Peter sets it, not too difficult, also, tempo slows at the end

Also, I'm going to play with my Metronome in our rehearsals, and for a few of our songs at the concert.