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  • 24th November
    Not Again
    Szerző: UPi
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  • 19th November
  • Igaz történet másodunokatestvére. upload:UpiRajzBlog/nose_virginity.png Sketchy time: upload:UpiRajzBlog/nose_virginity_sketch.jpg
  • 9th November
    So Lucky
    Szerző: UPi
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  • 27th June
    Szerző: UPi
  • upload:UpiRajzBlog/homophobia.jpg I got asked a few times recently about the anti-gay law that has been passed in Budapest. For those not aware, it
  • 13th June
    Szerző: UPi
  • upload:UpiRajzBlog/sociopath.jpg (skiccpártiaknak) upload:UpiRajzBlog/sociopath_sketch.jpg
  • 5th April
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  • 3rd April
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  • 27th December
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  • 26th December
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  • 2nd December
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  • 30th November
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  • 26th November
  • What I meant to say is that words, that is to say, ideas, are the things that shape society. Dude, I can shape ''you'' into ribbons, cubes,.. upload:
  • 22nd November
  • upload:UpiRajzBlog/water_freezes.jpg
  • 12th November
  • It was an honest mistake that could have happened to anyone. upload:UpiRajzBlog/petting_my_cat.jpg
  • 8th November
  • I love taking a relaxing nap during round 3. upload:UpiRajzBlog/nap_during_round_3.jpg
  • 7th November
  • Is your life too pleasant? Are you lacking in aches and pains? Do you want to be slightly inconvenienced? Visit! Proudly
  • 2nd November
  • Words by Shakira "Zootopia" was a 2016 cartoon. In the language of cartoons and in a manner that was accessible to children and adults alike, it
  • 27th October
  • I guess that is all there is to know about Derrick. He's not a librarian. upload:UpiRajzBlog/not_a_librarian.jpg
  • 26th October
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  • 25th October
    Szerző: UPi
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1214 blog bejegyzés