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I think this game is a huge missed opportunity. They obviously spent a lot of effort on creating a world rich in eye candy. Unfortunately you will spend most of your time traveling to various locations and brawling with the same few types of zombies, running boring errands that you won't care much about anyways. Did I say "repetitive"? I lost count on how many times I had to do the jumpkick / stomp on the head killer combo.

It is unfortunate that such a rich environment should inform the player so poorly. An openable door, a breakable door and a piece of wall that just appears like a door all look the same. There are invisible barriers designed to keep you on track that you just can't pass. The "GPS" supposed to help you navigate from point A to B on a boring trek will cheerfully try to lead you through solid walls. After a daring jump you can simply get stuck somewhere and have to restart from a checkpoint.

You cannot save. You have the one game progress that is automatically kept for you. Seriously, games in the 90's had saves!

And then there are the big and small aggravations. You can carry a hundred medkits and they take up one inventory slot. But 13 knives? No. I won't even go into weapon breakage.

Pick up a bottle of alcohol, and it becomes your active weapon. (You don't notice this because you don't see the bottle anymore.) So next time a zombie attacks you and you click attack what happens? Your hero DRINKS IT RIGHT ON THE SPOT and gets drunk in the middle of a fight. God...

But all these little faults are irrelevant compared to the fact that the game just fails to connect emotionally. The NPC's are bland, their terror unauthentic, acts and needs out of touch. There's a woman in the middle of the zombie apocalypse NEXT TO A SWIMMING POOL asking you for water. (Gives you 100XP for each bottle, oh yeah, now I'm immersed.) People huddle in shelters with the door wide open. Yeah, now I really believe their fear of inevitable death. Sometimes NPCs attempt to instill a sense of urgency with lines like "We must waste no more time", all the while comfortably standing in one spot, doing nothing. The lines are repetitive (oh only you can help us, thank you so much for your help, our heroes), the voice acting uninspired. In the end I started to think these people deserved the undead brought upon them, which in my mind turned the zombies into the game's protagonists. The "plot", well... worse than a summer blockbuster, except there are no twists. The game just lacks atmosphere and spirit.

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Descant 2012.VI.01 14:39

Szerintem ha én kerülnék bele a zombiapokalipszis közepébe én is rögtön meginnék minden piát ami a kezem ügyébe kerülne. Mit is mondtál UPi mi a betegséged influenza?