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Pang Zero is a clone and enhancement of Super Pang, a fast-paced action game that involves popping balloons with a harpoon.

The intention of our effort is to create a fun, open-source game that many (currently up to 6) people can play together. The game is playable, you can try it now. It's free, we made it because we like to share the fun. So can you: download it now. You can play Pang Zero alone, but it's a lot more fun to play with your friends.

Pang Zero is written by UPi.

Before downloading the game, you might want to check out our /Screenshots. You can also see a short demo video on YouTube. (This demo video was not made by us, and we stumbled across it quite by accident.)

The following video demos were posted to youtube by people unrelated to the project's authors:

A player making 238750 points at Nightmare difficulty

Two guys playing at Miki difficulty.

A demo of an older version of Pang Zero.

Download the Game

You can try Pang Zero now! The latest version is 1.3.

Download our game free from's (slightly confusing) download system:

  • Windows users can get an installer that they can run and enjoy.
  • Linux and BSD people can get a tarball here. (Note that you must also install SDL_perl. Chances are that your distribution has it.) You can unpack - configure - make install, but the latter two steps are not necessary. makes these files available through a number of high-bandwidth mirrors throughout the world. You will be asked to choose mirror, by clicking on the "Download" link on the far right side of the page, next the logo if the mirror closest to you.


Amount of donations received: €10.00

Bonus item: Dynamite (breaks every ball into it's smallest components) €50
Bonus item: Pause (like the Green Superball, freezes the balls for a few seconds) €100
Flying Monster (floats around the screen, popping balls and disabling players) €200
Bonus item: Speed up (makes your guy run twice as fast) €300
New ball: Growing ball (becomes larger each time it bounces) €400
Crawling Monster (climbs the sides and top of the screen) €500
New ball: Exploding ball (blows up balls near it when it pops) €600
Roll Your Own Challenge (create your own mix of balls) €1000
Bonus item: Shield (protects the player from one hit) €1100
New weapon: Rocket (pops balls within a certain radius) €1200
Score List: Displays the score each ball is worth. €1300
Roll Your Own Challenge Game (create a full series of challenge levels) €1500
Walking Monster (helps the player by chomping on balls) €1600
New game mode: Tour Mode (Unique levels with ladders and platforms) €2000

If you enjoy playing Pang Zero, please consider donating. It's a worthy cause; I will expand Pang Zero a lot if enough donations accumulate! Use these nifty PayPal icons, or the project's sourceforge page.

Other Quick Links

  • If you find a bug, or have a great new idea, submit it here: Feature Requests and Bugs
  • If you have questions, need some help, or just want to tell us how much you love/hate our game, go to the Pang Zero Forum

Links for developers:

Want more links?

Help Wanted

Pang Zero is looking for a graphic designer and sound effects. Contact us or drop a message at the Pang Zero Forum. As the project is free, we can offer no monetary compensation.

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