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Pang Zero

You have just finished playing the latest version of Pang Zero. I hope you had a good time.

Incidentally, you can turn off this message in the Options menu in the game.


If you enjoy playing Pang Zero, please consider donating. It's a worthy cause; I will expand Pang Zero a lot if enough donations accumulate! Use these nifty PayPal icons, or the project's sourceforge page.

Amount of donations received: €5.00

Bonus item: Dynamite (breaks every ball into it's smallest components) €50
Bonus item: Pause (like the Green Superball, freezes the balls for a few seconds) €100
Flying Monster (floats around the screen, popping balls and disabling players) €200
Bonus item: Speed up (makes your guy run twice as fast) €300
New ball: Growing ball (becomes larger each time it bounces) €400
Crawling Monster (climbs the sides and top of the screen) €500
New ball: Exploding ball (blows up balls near it when it pops) €600
Roll Your Own Challenge (create your own mix of balls) €1000
Bonus item: Shield (protects the player from one hit) €1100
New weapon: Rocket (pops balls within a certain radius) €1200
Score List: Displays the score each ball is worth. €1300
Roll Your Own Challenge Game (create a full series of challenge levels) €1500
Walking Monster (helps the player by chomping on balls) €1600
New game mode: Tour Mode (Unique levels with ladders and platforms) €2000

Pang Zero needs YOUR help!

Pang Zero is currently looking for genius graphics gurus for creating:

  • Monsters that fly / wander around the screen, either helping or hindering the players.
  • Platform and ladder graphics, for a future Tour-mode.

We are also seeking amazing audio arrangers for:

  • More game musics.
  • Sound effects for various events, such as:
    • Matrix effect starting
    • Matrix effect ending
    • Machine gun / power wire / half cutter firing
    • Fragile ball breaking
    • Bonus weapon collected
    • Super Ball changing shape
    • etc.
If you want to help out, drop me a line at

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