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Vacuum Magic


The game is open source, and is available under the The GNU General Public License. You are free to download and share this game.


The latest version of Vacuum Magic is 0.13a.
[IMAGE:] Windows:
Fedora/Red Hat:

Linux Installation Help

Ubuntu / Debian

First, make sure that the required packages are installed. To do this, open a terminal and enter:

sudo aptitude install libsdl-perl libcompress-zlib-perl

After this, download and install the .deb file above.

sudo dpkg --install vacuum_0.13a-1_i386.deb

Note that the game will not appear in the Applications menu; you have to start it manually.

  • If you are using the standard Ubuntu desktop, press Alt+F2, enter "vacuum" into the appearing dialog and press Enter.
  • Otherwise open a terminal and run "vacuum" there.

Fedora, Red Hat and other RPM systems

Note that RPM support is EXPERIMENTAL. I have no access to an RPM-based system, so you might be the first to try this! :) Please let me know how it works out for you...

Make sure that the following RPM's are installed: perl-SDL, perl-Compress-Zlib

Download the RPM and install it by typing:

rpm -i vacuum-0.13a-1.noarch.rpm

Other Linux and BSD Systems

  1. Get the tarball from above.
  2. Open a terminal.
  3. cd to the directory where you saved the tarball. and enter the following commands:
  4. tar xvzf vacuum-0.13a.tar.gz
    cd vacuum-0.13
  5. The last command has to be entered with root privileges:
  6. make install
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