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Version 0.13 Released

2009-07-04: This version has a new desert background and a new trial area called "Wipe Out". Also, as a tribute to the classic arcade game Koules, there's a new enemy (Koules), and a new Area Boss: Papa Koules. There is also a fix for a bug that caused the previous release to die with an error under Linux.

Version 0.12 Released

2009-06-28: This release introduces adjustable screen resolution, a new background, an in-game tutorial, and some minor tweaks and enhancements.

Version 0.11 Released

2009-03-30: This release has one new powerup: the fire shield. This is the strongest powerup the player can get, with awesome defensive and offensive potential. There's also a new background and music, with a Halloween theme. The RoboWitch boss spawns a bunch of bats when it's damaged, and the Bomber boss is less deadly now. There are several miscellaneous bugfixes and tweaks.

Version 0.10 Released

2009-03-09: A very difficult boss battle was added: the bomber. New enemies include the ice rain, the spider, and the bomb. Players can now hold down the fire key to prolong slurp time before spitting. This allows for a more precise aim. The bullet time bonus item was added, which slows down enemies for a while. A new background was added. Several new visual effects were added. Some bugs were fixed.

Version 0.9 Released

2009-02-07: There is a new trial area (Level 5) which is a simple "Shooting Range", designed to let new players ease into the target spitting aspect of the game. There's a new minigame which is a tribute to Pang Zero.

This release has three new backgrounds (some graphics are courtesy of the Pingus project), various enhancements, code cleanup and bugfixes, and three new translations (Portuguese, Spanish and Finnish).

Version 0.8 Released

2009-01-23: There's a new Trial Area which is a mix of Pang Zero and Vacuum Magic. There are four more translations (Slovak, Polish, Esperanto and French) and various bugfixes in this version.

Version 0.7 Released

2008-11-10: Trial area 5 (Bat's Nest) was replaced with a new one (Asteroids). An Asteroids-like minigame was created. All the minigames are now in a separate menu. Miscellaneous bugs were fixed.

Version 0.6 Released

2008-10-02: Version 0.6 introduces two important features that should help new players get the hang of the game:

  • The Target Practice game mode helps the player practice their spitting power on bullseye targets that keep getting harder to hit.

  • There's a "Difficulty Level" setting that can be set from Easy to Insane.

Additionally, a number of bugs have been fixed, including the annoying "drop you to the desktop when you eat poison" bug.

Version 0.5 Released

2008-09-27: This release includes two new enemies: the Ghost Swarm and the Seeker Bot. There are some improved visual effects and bugfixes. It also contains basic infrastructure for creating videos from the flight recorder.

Version 0.4 Released

2008-06-07: This version introduces a new friend: the Treasure Chest. It has wings, and flies around a screen for a while. If you manage to shoot it before it gets away, it will give you a useful bonus item. The bonus item gives you some sort of powerup that can make you fly faster, spit further, etc. From this version on, the player gets a bonus life for every 500,000 points.

Version 0.3 Released

2008-05-23: Version 0.3 of Vacuum Magic is released. This release has one new game background and a new boss battle: the Robo-Witch. Also, the new version lets the player start from a higher level or fight agains any boss. The game is playable up to level 50.

The software now has English and Hungarian localization.

Version 0.2 Released

2008-05-20: Version 0.2 of Vacuum Magic is released. This release contains some new Trial Areas and Stage Bosses. Various bugs have been fixed. All in all, the game is fun and playable until level 40.

Initial Release

2008-05-18: Version 0.1 of Vacuum Magic is released. This is the first public release of the game.

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