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Mortál Szombat!!

Watasiwa baka janajo Dark Black Evil Mage Boxer Cumi Sirpi Macy Jan Ito Grizzly Descant Rising-san Mad Sawman Imperfect Soldier Aisha Papatsuka Mamatsuba Pixie Judy Agent Boogie [10g] Tej-szin Jacint Mr. Smith Jozsi a hegyrol Sleepy Raval Calliel Lezai


Fighter Stats

Watasiwa baka janajo
Team: Evil Style: Clown-fu
Age: 15 Weight: 50kg
Height: 168cm Shoe size: 51

After Wastasiwa baka janajo took possession of his time's most advanced technogadget (read: by accident he was punched so hard that he flew fight into a high-tech lab, and got tangled with the WrISt(tm)), he used all his knowledge to travel to the past (read: he started mashing the buttons, and this is how it ended). Then he knew immediately that he had to destroy Saturday! (Read: He has absolutely no idea where he is, or what he is doing...)