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Mortál Szombat!!

Watasiwa baka janajo Dark Black Evil Mage Boxer Cumi Sirpi Macy Jan Ito Grizzly Descant Rising-san Mad Sawman Imperfect Soldier Aisha Papatsuka Mamatsuba Pixie Judy Agent Boogie [10g] Tej-szin Jacint Mr. Smith Jozsi a hegyrol Sleepy Raval Calliel Lezai


Fighter Stats

Imperfect Soldier
Team: Good Style: Pub Fight
Age: 50 Weight: 100
Height: 180 Shoe size: 44

His childhood was determined by Drezda's bombing. This trauma has caused him to join the army. For the last 30 years he is corporal without the slightest hope for advancement. He annoys his subordinates with a constant flow of stories of pub fights, until they ask for relocation.