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Mortál Szombat!!

Watasiwa baka janajo Dark Black Evil Mage Boxer Cumi Sirpi Macy Jan Ito Grizzly Descant Rising-san Mad Sawman Imperfect Soldier Aisha Papatsuka Mamatsuba Pixie Judy Agent Boogie [10g] Tej-szin Jacint Mr. Smith Jozsi a hegyrol Sleepy Raval Calliel Lezai


Fighter Stats

Team: Good Style: Murderization
Age: 58 Weight: 89kg
Height: 180cm Shoe size: 44

He was trained in 'Nam in every known weapon and martial art form. He fought there on the side of the Americans and the Russians... whoever paid more at the moment. Then he used the money to hybernate himself until the next great war.. or until the Saturday is in trouble. He joined the side with the more CASH...