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Mortál Szombat!!

Mortál Links

Mailing list: If you want the latest "insider" info in your inbox, you might want to join this mailing list.

Help Forum: Do you need help compiling or running OpenMortal? Please let us know! The Linux version of OpenMortal has switched to autoconf/automake recently. If you encounter any problems running configure or make, this is the forum to turn to.

Open Discussion Forum: Ongoing discussions about the game, the single-player AI, and anything else that might be of interest,

Bugs: This is a "tracker". The trackers allow you to submit new bugs, or view old ones. If you notice something bad in OpenMortal, this tracker is the best place to let us know. You will be able to see when the bug is fixed. Please read closed bugs in the database before submitting one.

Feature Requests: If you have an idea for a new joke in OpenMortal, some thoughts about improving gameplay, or anything similar, you can enter it into this tracker. We'll gratefully implement it... maybe :)