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Download OpenMortal!!

OpenMortal is hosted by the international mirror sites of (thanks, guys!!). The latest version is 0.7. Please choose from the list of operating systems below.

* Linux and BSD
Source-based distribution.
* Windows
Self-extracting installer.
* Mac OS X 10.3
Self-extracting installer.
* CVS access
For advanced users and developers.

If you have trouble installing or running OpenMortal, please seek help at the Help Forum. If you wish to port OpenMortal to another operating system, or want to try installing it on an unsupported platform, please download the Linux version, and try to compile the sources. Please note that we will probably be unable to support your operating system.

Starting from version 0.7, you can download additional characters from the characters page after installation.

You can see all the files in the download area. This includes all previous versions.

Download OpenMortal for Linux and BSD

There are "official" builds for the following distributions:

If you have a different distribution/OS, or you want to roll your own binary, you can download one of these packages:

Download OpenMortal for Microsoft Windows®

Big thanks to KAMI for contributing the windows installer!

Please choose one of these packages:

Download OpenMortal for MacOS X

Big thanks to Gabor Sebestyen for contributing the MacOS X installer!

Please choose one or both of these packages:

If you don't want the binaries, but want to roll your own, Markus W. Weissmann's port of OpenMortal to MacOS X can help. Please note that in order to install and run DarwinPorts on Mac OS X, you must have either the Mac OS X Developer Tools (for 10.2.x), or XCode (for 10.3.x) installed.

For details, see: OpenMortal at

Please note that I can offer no support for this port as I do not have MacOS myself.

CVS Version

If the latest version is too old for you, you can also try the bleeding edge development version! See the sourceforge project page for information about CVS. The short version is:

   cvs login
   cvs -z3 co openmortal