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CChooser Class Reference
[Fighter selection]

CChooser is a control for choosing fighters. More...

#include <Chooser.h>

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 CChooser ()
 ~CChooser ()
void Start (SDL_Surface *m_poScreen)
void Stop ()
void Resize (int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2)
void Draw ()
void MarkFighter (FighterEnum a_enFighter, Uint32 a_iColor)
SDL_Surface * GetPortrait (FighterEnum a_enFighter)
void DrawPortrait (FighterEnum a_enFighter, SDL_Surface *a_poScreen, const SDL_Rect &a_roRect)
FighterEnum GetCurrentFighter (int a_iPlayer)
void MoveRectangle (int a_iPlayer, int a_iDirection)
void SetRectangle (int a_iPlayer, FighterEnum a_enFighter)
void SetRectangleVisible (int a_iPlayer, bool a_bVisible)
bool IsRectangleVisible (int a_iPlayer)
void DrawRectangles (int a_iStartingWith)
SDL_Rect GetFighterRect (FighterEnum a_enFighter)

Protected Member Functions

void Init ()
int FighterToPosition (FighterEnum a_enFighter)
FighterEnum PositionToFighter (int a_iPosition)
SDL_Rect GetRect (int a_iPosition)
void ClearRectangle (int a_iPlayer)
void DrawRectangle (int a_iPlayer)
void DrawRectangle (int a_iPosition, Uint32 a_iColor)

Protected Attributes

SDL_Surface * m_poScreen
FighterEnum m_aenFighters [100]
SDL_Surface * m_apoPortraits [100]
bool m_abRectangleVisible [MAXPLAYERS]
int m_aiPlayerPosition [MAXPLAYERS]
Uint32 m_aiColors [MAXPLAYERS]
int x1
int y1
int x2
int y2
int m_iNumberOfFighters
int m_iRows
int m_iCols

Detailed Description

CChooser is a control for choosing fighters.

It is used on the fighter selection screens.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CChooser::CChooser  ) 

CChooser::~CChooser  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void CChooser::ClearRectangle int  a_iPlayer  )  [protected]

void CChooser::Draw  ) 

void CChooser::DrawPortrait FighterEnum  a_enFighter,
SDL_Surface *  a_poScreen,
const SDL_Rect &  a_roRect

void CChooser::DrawRectangle int  a_iPosition,
Uint32  a_iColor

void CChooser::DrawRectangle int  a_iPlayer  )  [protected]

void CChooser::DrawRectangles int  a_iStartingWith  ) 

int CChooser::FighterToPosition FighterEnum  a_enFighter  )  [protected]

FighterEnum CChooser::GetCurrentFighter int  a_iPlayer  ) 

SDL_Rect CChooser::GetFighterRect FighterEnum  a_enFighter  ) 

SDL_Surface * CChooser::GetPortrait FighterEnum  a_enFighter  ) 

SDL_Rect CChooser::GetRect int  a_iPosition  )  [protected]

void CChooser::Init  )  [protected]

bool CChooser::IsRectangleVisible int  a_iPlayer  ) 

void CChooser::MarkFighter FighterEnum  a_enFighter,
Uint32  a_iColor

void CChooser::MoveRectangle int  a_iPlayer,
int  a_iDirection

FighterEnum CChooser::PositionToFighter int  a_iPosition  )  [protected]

void CChooser::Resize int  x1,
int  y1,
int  x2,
int  y2

void CChooser::SetRectangle int  a_iPlayer,
FighterEnum  a_enFighter

void CChooser::SetRectangleVisible int  a_iPlayer,
bool  a_bVisible

void CChooser::Start SDL_Surface *  m_poScreen  ) 

void CChooser::Stop  ) 

Member Data Documentation

bool CChooser::m_abRectangleVisible[MAXPLAYERS] [protected]

FighterEnum CChooser::m_aenFighters[100] [protected]

Uint32 CChooser::m_aiColors[MAXPLAYERS] [protected]

int CChooser::m_aiPlayerPosition[MAXPLAYERS] [protected]

SDL_Surface* CChooser::m_apoPortraits[100] [protected]

int CChooser::m_iCols [protected]

int CChooser::m_iNumberOfFighters [protected]

int CChooser::m_iRows [protected]

SDL_Surface* CChooser::m_poScreen [protected]

int CChooser::x1 [protected]

int CChooser::x2 [protected]

int CChooser::y1 [protected]

int CChooser::y2 [protected]

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