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CFlyingChars Class Reference
[Sound and graphics]

Characters jumping onto the screen to form the text in demos. More...

#include <FlyingChars.h>

List of all members.

Public Types

enum  TextAlignmentEnum { FC_AlignLeft, FC_AlignRight, FC_AlignCenter, FC_AlignJustify }

Public Member Functions

 CFlyingChars (sge_bmpFont *a_poFont, const SDL_Rect &a_roRect, int a_iFontDisplacement=0)
 ~CFlyingChars ()
void AddText (const char *a_pcText, TextAlignmentEnum a_enAlignment, bool bOneByOne)
void Advance (int a_iNumFrames)
void Draw ()
bool IsDone ()
int GetCount ()

Protected Types

typedef std::vector< SFlyingLetterCFlyingLetterList
typedef CFlyingLetterList::iterator CFlyingLetterIterator

Protected Member Functions

void AddNextLine ()
int GetCharWidth (unsigned char a_cChar)
void DequeueText ()

Protected Attributes

std::list< SEnqueuedTextm_oEnqueuedTexts
bool m_bDone
bool m_bScrolling
double m_dScrollupRate
double m_dScrollup
sge_bmpFont * m_poFont
int m_iFontDisplacement
CFlyingLetterList m_oLetters
int m_iTimeToNextLine
SDL_Rect m_oRect
const unsigned char * m_pcText
TextAlignmentEnum m_enAlignment
int m_iTextOffset
int m_iLastLineY
int m_iDelay


struct  SEnqueuedText
struct  SFlyingLetter

Detailed Description

Characters jumping onto the screen to form the text in demos.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef CFlyingLetterList::iterator CFlyingChars::CFlyingLetterIterator [protected]

typedef std::vector<SFlyingLetter> CFlyingChars::CFlyingLetterList [protected]

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum CFlyingChars::TextAlignmentEnum

Enumeration values:

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CFlyingChars::CFlyingChars sge_bmpFont *  a_poFont,
const SDL_Rect &  a_roRect,
int  a_iFontDisplacement = 0

CFlyingChars::~CFlyingChars  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void CFlyingChars::AddNextLine  )  [protected]

void CFlyingChars::AddText const char *  a_pcText,
TextAlignmentEnum  a_enAlignment,
bool  bOneByOne

void CFlyingChars::Advance int  a_iNumFrames  ) 

void CFlyingChars::DequeueText  )  [protected]

void CFlyingChars::Draw  ) 

int CFlyingChars::GetCharWidth unsigned char  a_cChar  )  [protected]

int CFlyingChars::GetCount  ) 

bool CFlyingChars::IsDone  ) 

Member Data Documentation

bool CFlyingChars::m_bDone [protected]

bool CFlyingChars::m_bScrolling [protected]

double CFlyingChars::m_dScrollup [protected]

double CFlyingChars::m_dScrollupRate [protected]

TextAlignmentEnum CFlyingChars::m_enAlignment [protected]

int CFlyingChars::m_iDelay [protected]

int CFlyingChars::m_iFontDisplacement [protected]

int CFlyingChars::m_iLastLineY [protected]

int CFlyingChars::m_iTextOffset [protected]

int CFlyingChars::m_iTimeToNextLine [protected]

std::list<SEnqueuedText> CFlyingChars::m_oEnqueuedTexts [protected]

CFlyingLetterList CFlyingChars::m_oLetters [protected]

SDL_Rect CFlyingChars::m_oRect [protected]

const unsigned char* CFlyingChars::m_pcText [protected]

sge_bmpFont* CFlyingChars::m_poFont [protected]

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