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CMenu Member List

This is the complete list of members for CMenu, including all inherited members.

AddEnumMenuItem(const char *a_pcUtf8Text, int a_iInitialValue, const char **a_ppcNames, const int *a_piValues, int a_iCode=0)CMenu [virtual]
AddMenuItem(const char *a_pcUtf8Text, SDLKey a_tShortcut=SDLK_UNKNOWN, int a_iCode=0)CMenu [virtual]
AddMenuItem(CMenuItem *a_poItem)CMenu [virtual]
AddOkCancel(int a_iOkCode=0)CMenu [virtual]
AddTextMenuItem(const char *a_pcTitle, const char *a_pcValue, int a_iCode=0)CMenu [virtual]
CItemIterator typedefCMenu [protected]
CItemList typedefCMenu [protected]
Clear()CMenu [virtual]
CMenu(const char *a_pcTitle)CMenu
Draw()CMenu [virtual]
EnterName(const char *a_pcTitle, std::string &a_rsTarget, CTextMenuItem *a_poMenuItem, int a_iMaxlen)CMenu [virtual]
FocusNext()CMenu [protected, virtual]
FocusPrev()CMenu [protected, virtual]
GetMenuItem(int a_iCode) const CMenu [virtual]
InvokeSubmenu(CMenu *a_poSubmenu)CMenu [protected, virtual]
ItemActivated(int a_iItemCode, CMenuItem *a_poMenuItem)CMenu [virtual]
ItemChanged(int a_iItemCode, int a_iValue, CMenuItem *a_poMenuItem)CMenu [virtual]
m_bDoneCMenu [protected]
m_iCurrentItemCMenu [protected]
m_iReturnCodeCMenu [protected]
m_oItemsCMenu [protected]
m_sTitleCMenu [protected]
Run()CMenu [virtual]
~CMenu()CMenu [virtual]