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CPlayerSelectController Class Reference
[Fighter selection]

Controller part model-view-controller architecture of the player selection. More...

#include <PlayerSelectController.h>

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 CPlayerSelectController (bool a_bNetworkGame)
 ~CPlayerSelectController ()
void DoPlayerSelect ()

Protected Member Functions

void HandleEvents ()
void HandleKey (int a_iPlayer, int a_iKey)
bool HandleChatKey (SDL_Event &a_roEvent)
void HandleNetwork ()
void GetThisTick ()
void MarkFighters ()
void SetPlayerActive (int a_iPlayer, bool a_bActive)
void ActivateNextPlayer (int a_iCurrentPlayer)
 This method finds the next player and lets him choose a fighter.
int GetTeamSize (int a_iPlayer)
bool IsFighterSelectable (FighterEnum a_enFighter)

Protected Attributes

bool m_bNetworkGame
bool m_bTeamMode
bool m_bChatActive
char m_acChatMsg [256]
int m_iNumberOfSelectableFighters
bool m_abPlayerActive [MAXPLAYERS]
int m_iGameSpeed
int m_iThisTick
int m_iLastTick

Detailed Description

Controller part model-view-controller architecture of the player selection.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CPlayerSelectController::CPlayerSelectController bool  a_bNetworkGame  ) 

CPlayerSelectController::~CPlayerSelectController  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void CPlayerSelectController::ActivateNextPlayer int  a_iCurrentPlayer  )  [protected]

This method finds the next player and lets him choose a fighter.

This only should be called in team mode without multiselect.

void CPlayerSelectController::DoPlayerSelect  ) 

int CPlayerSelectController::GetTeamSize int  a_iPlayer  )  [protected]

void CPlayerSelectController::GetThisTick  )  [protected]

bool CPlayerSelectController::HandleChatKey SDL_Event &  a_roEvent  )  [protected]

void CPlayerSelectController::HandleEvents  )  [protected]

void CPlayerSelectController::HandleKey int  a_iPlayer,
int  a_iKey

void CPlayerSelectController::HandleNetwork  )  [protected]

bool CPlayerSelectController::IsFighterSelectable FighterEnum  a_enFighter  )  [protected]

void CPlayerSelectController::MarkFighters  )  [protected]

void CPlayerSelectController::SetPlayerActive int  a_iPlayer,
bool  a_bActive

Member Data Documentation

bool CPlayerSelectController::m_abPlayerActive[MAXPLAYERS] [protected]

char CPlayerSelectController::m_acChatMsg[256] [protected]

bool CPlayerSelectController::m_bChatActive [protected]

bool CPlayerSelectController::m_bNetworkGame [protected]

bool CPlayerSelectController::m_bTeamMode [protected]

int CPlayerSelectController::m_iGameSpeed [protected]

int CPlayerSelectController::m_iLastTick [protected]

int CPlayerSelectController::m_iNumberOfSelectableFighters [protected]

int CPlayerSelectController::m_iThisTick [protected]

CPlayerSelectView* CPlayerSelectController::m_poView [protected]

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