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IOnlineEventSink Class Reference

IBackendEventSink is an interface for receiving events from IOnlineChatBE. More...

#include <OnlineChatBE.h>

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 IOnlineEventSink ()
virtual ~IOnlineEventSink ()
virtual void receiveEvent (const IOnlineChatBE::SChatEvent &a_roEvent)=0
virtual void connectionStateChange (IOnlineChatBE::ConnectionStateEnum a_enOldState, IOnlineChatBE::ConnectionStateEnum a_enNewState, const std::string &a_rsMessage)=0

Detailed Description

IBackendEventSink is an interface for receiving events from IOnlineChatBE.

Every backend event sink which is registered to g_poChatBE will be notified of chat events as they occur. This is done with the receiveEvent() method.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

IOnlineEventSink::IOnlineEventSink  )  [inline]

virtual IOnlineEventSink::~IOnlineEventSink  )  [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual void IOnlineEventSink::connectionStateChange IOnlineChatBE::ConnectionStateEnum  a_enOldState,
IOnlineChatBE::ConnectionStateEnum  a_enNewState,
const std::string &  a_rsMessage
[pure virtual]

virtual void IOnlineEventSink::receiveEvent const IOnlineChatBE::SChatEvent a_roEvent  )  [pure virtual]

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