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gfx.h File Reference

#include "SDL.h"

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enum  GFX_Constants {
  AlignHCenter = 1, AlignVCenter = 2, AlignCenter = 3, UseTilde = 4,
  UseShadow = 8


int DrawTextMSZ (const char *text, _sge_TTFont *font, int x, int y, int flags, int fg, SDL_Surface *target, bool a_bTranslate=true)
void DrawGradientText (const char *text, _sge_TTFont *font, int y, SDL_Surface *target, bool a_bTranslate=true)
SDL_Color MakeColor (Uint8 r, Uint8 g, Uint8 b)
SDLKey GetKey (bool a_bTranslate)
 Waits for a key event and returns it.
SDL_Surface * LoadBackground (const char *a_pcFilename, int a_iNumColors, int a_iPaletteOffset=0, bool a_bTransparent=false)
bool SetVideoMode (bool a_bLarge, bool a_bFullscreen, int a_iAdditionalFlags=0)


SDL_Surface * gamescreen
_sge_TTFont * titleFont
_sge_TTFont * inkFont
_sge_TTFont * impactFont
_sge_TTFont * chatFont

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum GFX_Constants

Enumeration values:

Function Documentation

void DrawGradientText const char *  text,
_sge_TTFont *  font,
int  y,
SDL_Surface *  target,
bool  a_bTranslate = true

int DrawTextMSZ const char *  text,
_sge_TTFont *  font,
int  x,
int  y,
int  flags,
int  fg,
SDL_Surface *  target,
bool  a_bTranslate = true

SDLKey GetKey bool  a_bTranslate  ) 

Waits for a key event and returns it.

a_bTranslate If this is true, then keypad events will also be read and processed info keys (cursor, return and escape).

SDL_Surface* LoadBackground const char *  a_pcFilename,
int  a_iNumColors,
int  a_iPaletteOffset = 0,
bool  a_bTransparent = false

SDL_Color MakeColor Uint8  r,
Uint8  g,
Uint8  b

bool SetVideoMode bool  a_bLarge,
bool  a_bFullscreen,
int  a_iAdditionalFlags = 0

Variable Documentation

_sge_TTFont* chatFont

SDL_Surface* gamescreen

_sge_TTFont* impactFont

_sge_TTFont* inkFont

_sge_TTFont* titleFont