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About Mortál Szombat!!

Mortál Szombat is a parody of the popular coin-up game, Mortal Kombat. It is currently playable (maybe even enjoyable), although it is still under development. Only two-player game is supported, single-player games against computer opponent is not planned yet. There are currently 15 playable characters, and several more in the making!

Mortál is currently available for Linux and Windows, requires a 400MHz CPU and 64MB of RAM. Similarities between characters in the game and real people are not coincidental :)

OpenMortal is free software! It is available for download, you can freely use, modify and distribute it.

If you like OpenMortal, you can rate it or subscribe to it at the freshmeat project page!

Getting Started

To get started with OpenMortal, you could take a look at some screenshots, or read some bits about the characters. Then you can download OpenMortal's latest release and play it.

If the latest version is too old for you, you can also try the bleeding edge development version! See the sourceforge project page for information about CVS. The short version is:

   cvs login
   cvs -z3 co openmortal

Miscellaneous links

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Help Wanted

Mortal can use the help of graphics artists and music composers. If you feel like helping out, donated images and musics would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to send your comments to the author.