Kedvenc játékomról, a VacuumMagicről írt egy japán website. A google fordítása imígyen néz ki:

2 D scrolling Shooting inhaling spit out "Vacuum Magic"

This idea was not.

Speaking of shooting, self-aircraft missiles from killing the enemy's game. That is unchanged from the NES era. Scroll to the difficulty and power-up item, to improve the graphics performance is also fundamental.

However, this is different. What's different about me, not missiles. The open-source software is introduced Vacuum Magic, the enemy is the inhalation of basic shooter.

Vacuum Magic in their machines, people like objects. And always inhale equipment for (?) Running. The enemy is approaching when the suction近づけれmouth, you can inhale. There is only one the same time, so has been continuous need to be careful. And inhaling the middle of the space key and press the enemy planes that can spit out. So instead of an enemy aircraft missiles. Depending proceed in a straight and it's the middle of the enemy as a result of a revival.

当たれto involve the enemy with a blow to the enemy当たらなけれagain become possible. Also, always hopping around like asteroids can also catch a spit out. This is also available instead of missiles. Asteroids and barriers to a fully inhale it and the explosion of asteroids (instead of the other major damage to当てれ(?)), Considered to be good. In addition, inhaling when you press a space and the ability to reverse it, and spit out the other mistime their backs and they are interesting.

In addition to six people can play simultaneously. It is also pressing against each other, and a friend of (?) Can hit enemy planes, reminiscent of an era in NES殺し合いalso enabled.

And better overall design, high-quality finished shooting game. Try to please.

Hát, magam se mondtam volna jobban.

Utoljára módosította UPi 2008.V.23 18:10-n
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Ulmar 2008.V.23 19:33

A legjobb tudni, hogy can also catch a spit out. Ezt mindjárt gyakorlom. (ala Vidák)

SAdam 2008.V.23 20:39

Amúgy gratulálunk!!! :-)

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