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Ezt egy weboldalon találtam:

,,Cognitively, things that seem to us to have no pattern, organization, or reason for being as they are are often incomprehensible to us. When sound seems to us to have no pattern or organization–that is, when we find it incomprehensible–we might find it uninteresting or even irritating. Sound that is deemed irritating or unwanted by someone is often termed noise. However, it might be that there is in fact a pattern or organization, but it is simply too complicated for a particular listener to understand, and thus would be considered noise by that person.
When something strikes you as incomprehensible noise, consider the possibility that it may actually have a very interesting underlying organization, but that that organization is simply unknown to you or is too complex for you to understand given your current knowledge. That can be an encouraging thought, because it means that with the proper education you can understand it and perhaps then appreciate it better.''

Elteszem, később még sokszor jól jöhet ez a pár gondolat... :-)

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