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Hertz Customer Support - avagy ügyfélszolgálat 'felsőfokon'

Maga az ügy nem érdekes. Tipikus "nem tudja a jobb kezem, hogy mit csinál a bal" szitu volt, aminek a folyományaként zároltak némi pénzt a bankkártyámon, valószínűleg tévedésből. Ezt a bank végül önhatalmúlag feloldotta (illetve azt mondták, hogy belsőleg kivizsgálják az ügyet és értesítik a rendőrséget, ha kell).

Az érdekes inkább az volt, ahogyan egy világméretű cég, a Hertz ügyfélszolgálata működik. Nem részletezem, inkább csak bemásolom azokat a jótanácsokat, amiket az utolsó levelem végén írtam nekik:

" [...] On a separate note: guys, come on! This is the worst customer support I've ever dealt with in my life (and believe me, I live in a country which has a quite bad reputation regarding customers' rights and customer support in general). Please, in the future, if you have a customer with an actual complaint, please be kind enough to at least follow these little 'tricks':

  • Please, READ THE CUSTOMER'S MAIL before replying, even if you think that you already know the case. It's very bizarre and annoying to keep getting answers which have nothing, or almost nothing to do with my claim. Reading answers to questions which have never been asked gives an impression of total ignorance towards the client, which IMHO is far from being an idealistic goal for any customer service.
  • Do not forward internal mails to clients. That's simply very unprofessional and odd.
  • Do not send the same e-mail to the client more than once. Again, it's very unprofessional. Don't you have some centralised system which keeps tickets, with all relevant documentation and customer correspondences in a single, unified database? If you don't have one yet, you should...
  • Please make sure that customers may contact you by e-mail if they had a question. Originally, I wanted to direct my questions to the Spanish Customer Support of Hertz, as this claim was about an issue which happened in Spain; however, there was no e-mail address at which I could have contacted, only landline numbers. Forcing customers to make international calls in order to get their issues resolved is really not the way to go in 2016; as the online form at did also fail to work, I was left with no other choice but to contact the global customer service found at and hope that my e-mails get forwarded to Spain in some way or another. Again: this is very bad practice. However, if you follow this old-fashioned practice, then (see next point)...
  • Please make sure that a single case is not handled on three or four separate threads by three or four different agents, or if you decide to do so, then please keep your agents informed about each others' correspondences with the client (again: you should clearly get some programmers on board and ask them to develop a global, centralised ticketing system, or perhaps just go and buy an already available solution from a 3rd-party vendor). I got replies to my single question from Spain, the Czech Republic (???) and Hungary; my invoice was forwarded to me at least 3 times during the past week, the accident damage report 2 times (note that I obtained the accident damage report twice in spite of having asked a question which had nothing to do with damages). It is very tiresome from a client's point of view to keep explaining the same question again and again to each new agent jumping into the case (BTW, if you followed my advice #1 – aka. 'read before hitting reply' – I wouldn't possibly have had to explain my original question again and again).
  • Also, speaking about IT solutions: please be kind to that poor guy working at your rental office in 'Santiago de Compostela - La Galuresa petrol station' and just send him a brand new computer keyboard so that he could do his job. It was so embarrassing even for us, the customers, to see that a global car rental company is unable to afford a spare computer keyboard at one of their rental offices; your agent tried to borrow a computer keyboard from all shops nearby, because the only keyboard at the office stopped working (already one day before we had arrived) and he said that he neither got authorisation to bring another keyboard from another office nor to buy a new keyboard. Please make sure that there's a spare keyboard around or at least that you keep 10 Euros in each of your rental offices so that your agents may go and just buy a new keyboard instead of making the customer wait for an hour while trying to connect to the Firm's rental system through their private cellphones...
  • Last, but not least: I'm not sure you've ever heard it, but there's an old saying among companies who build their business on selling stuff to actual customers: THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT. If a customer makes a complaint, please at least pretend to be kind to them and make some effort to show them respect by (1) understanding what their real problem is and by (2) trying to find out whether their problem is a real issue or just some sort of cheating. If you think your customer has a real issue, then (3) at least try to let them know that you're working on an actual solution. Being dishonest with a client without even understanding their problem means you've already failed at the very first step. [...] "
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